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02:32pm 14/12/2009
  What places/nights are decent for dancing these days? I'ven't been out in ages.  
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goodtimes great oldies 
02:24pm 06/12/2009

On the DL

Tomorrow, Oct 2nd 
09:12am 01/10/2009

x posted on facebook 
10:57am 15/07/2009
  a mix constructed from the request counter


an hour of old tunes 
07:26pm 28/02/2008
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06:32pm 17/06/2007
Go take a look at the new Evil Grin Designs:

title or description

You know...if yer bored or somethin...
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10:28am 01/05/2007
  Hi all. Happy May Day/Beltane/Walpurgis to those who celebrate.


Reading the archives, I read that Pixie had had an aneurysm a few years ago.

Were there any permanent effects? Is he okay now?

He and I didn't speak terribly often (being a fairly anti-social socialite, that could be said in my dealings with a lot of people back then -- if I was at Visage, I was almost invariably there to dance until I couldn't walk straight and was fairly oblivious to people as anything other than objects to avoid plowing over/getting plowed over by), but it made my world a brighter, happier place to know he was in it. I hope he is well.

And that all y'all reading this are, too.

Be well,

-- Kt

(I often go by the lj handle these days, especially here)
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a listen back to 90' 
12:23am 23/09/2006
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jeigh in prison... 
09:08pm 08/09/2006
  jeigh in prison...

Jason was moved again today and will spend the next 22 days at this next address. he is still in the same center just a different unit and bunk. any letters that were already sent to him will be forwarded for 30 days from the time they moved him. it usually takes about seven days for him to get any letters mailed within florida and another seven to ten days for you to get a responce. his new address is basically the same with only a few exceptions.

Jason Fronczek ..344654
Reception Medical Center West
P.O.Box 628
Lake Butler ,Fl 32054

The paperwork has been filed for the appeal process to begin and we are just waiting now to get the first date set wich could be anywhere from a month to years. We are doing everything in our power to get this done a quickly as possible. Jason is holding up really well considering the circumstances. He sounds as good a person can sound when they are stuck somewhere they dont want to be and shouldnt be. when he gets transfered to a facility where he can have visitors that information will be posted.
04:35pm 02/09/2006
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Hosted By: Paul Vaine & DJ Wally
When: Wednesday Sep 06, 2006
at 9:00 PM
Where: Screamers
360 State Lane
Orlando, FL 32801
Old School Goth/Industrial & 80 Alternative...

Click Here To View Event
Jason Fronscek !! 
05:16pm 27/08/2006
  For those of you who know Jeigh Fronscek(sp?)... He just got sentenced to FIVE years in prison!!

I'll post more info when it comes my way.

Top Hat Dave!!
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Last days of EA 
11:28pm 27/06/2006
  The wall before it was torn down at Electric Avenue.

Off topic...hope no one minds too much: 
10:55am 03/10/2005
  title or description  
New to the group! 
12:57am 01/08/2005
  Hey Guys... none of you probably remember me from back in the day ... I remember meeting a couple of you ... but I was a little snotty nose 14/15 year old brat from Dead-tona (Deltona) that started going to Visage around 1985/86. I can place almost each and every one of you guys!!(what a memory huh) and used to hang out at Denny's on occasion with a guy named Ceasar from Flagler County(Dated Kat the ID girl for a VERY short time). I was just wondering if any of you knew where Dave Seymour wandered off to? My boyfriend Steve (also a regular at Visage, although we didn't meet until 4 years ago at Cairo) and I were Just talking about him the other day LOL! Dave used to sit behind me in CHORUS class and tease me about looking like Molly Ringwald all period. I haven't seen him since Jr. High...

Anyone know?
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Recent events 
01:05pm 28/07/2005
  Anyone remember Roger Ward?

In light of some recent events, I was curious if anyone knows his where abouts.
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can't believe i still have this.... 
09:05am 02/07/2005
  title or description  
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11:07pm 16/06/2005
  I only saw a few bands at Visage, mainly because it's really hard to spange that much money, just kidding, I'm pretty sure I spent most my money on alcohol and my persistant belief in chemical dependance. Preservatives BABY!! Anyway, I saw FEAR and one other band who I really liked, but can't think of the name now, ugh, see what happens when you use drugs, kiddies?! Oh yeah!!! SKATENIGS!!! Yes, I am awesome!!! Hold on... victory dance... ok, all better now.  
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Just a little faded. 
02:43pm 10/06/2005
mood: Guh.
Every time I smell a fog machine it still brings a little back.

Anyone else got a Pavlovian thing still?
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08:57pm 07/06/2005
mood: nostalgic
This is another one of those times I wish I hadn't taken a break from taking pictures. Before I came to Orlando, I was living and going to school in Rockledge, FL. I was actually introduced to the "scene" for the first time my Junior year when a friend of mine got me into Brassy's Take II on Cocoa Beach. Vip cardCollapse ) I was 17 at the time, but she knew a few bouncers and the owner, so they let me in. How can anyone describe the first time music changes their life? I followed Kim into the club, it was still early, so it was relatively empty. Peter Murphy "Cuts You Up" came on and they started playing the video on a screen at the front of the dancefloor. I know how overplayed the song is at this point, but it still gives me chills. After that it was "How Soon Is Now", and I realized I'd finally found a place I could "fit in" as it were.
My first trip to Visage was a blessing and a curse. It was April 17th, 1992, and it rained the whole way there. My a/c was broken, and the windows kept fogging up. I brought my friends Sam, John, JJ, and the guy I was dating at the time, Jason. Jason was drinking something out of a Circle K cup that he refused to share with anyone...and was becoming more beligerent as time passed. (Ah, the effects of Whiskey!) He was such a jerk by the time we got to the club, I didn't want to be around him. Luckily, after we walked in, Sam and I headed up to the back corner of the stage to people watch listen to music and didn't have to deal with him for a few hours. I think the music and the people made up for the trip there. I'm pretty sure that was the night we met Calvin too...
The trip out sucked, but at least I learned how to get there, so when I moved here to go to UCF I had somewhere to blow off steam. I met Calvin, Jen Banas, Lucille, Billy, Chrissy, Tara, Rob, James, and several other people I unfortunately don't have pictures of....but I still remember the trouble we got into...
I guess I had more pictures than I thought I did 
08:06pm 07/06/2005
mood: nostalgic
So here we go!

VisageCollapse )
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