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This is another one of those times I wish I hadn't taken a break from taking pictures. Before I came to Orlando, I was living and going to school in Rockledge, FL. I was actually introduced to the "scene" for the first time my Junior year when a friend of mine got me into Brassy's Take II on Cocoa Beach. Image hosted by I was 17 at the time, but she knew a few bouncers and the owner, so they let me in. How can anyone describe the first time music changes their life? I followed Kim into the club, it was still early, so it was relatively empty. Peter Murphy "Cuts You Up" came on and they started playing the video on a screen at the front of the dancefloor. I know how overplayed the song is at this point, but it still gives me chills. After that it was "How Soon Is Now", and I realized I'd finally found a place I could "fit in" as it were.
My first trip to Visage was a blessing and a curse. It was April 17th, 1992, and it rained the whole way there. My a/c was broken, and the windows kept fogging up. I brought my friends Sam, John, JJ, and the guy I was dating at the time, Jason. Jason was drinking something out of a Circle K cup that he refused to share with anyone...and was becoming more beligerent as time passed. (Ah, the effects of Whiskey!) He was such a jerk by the time we got to the club, I didn't want to be around him. Luckily, after we walked in, Sam and I headed up to the back corner of the stage to people watch listen to music and didn't have to deal with him for a few hours. I think the music and the people made up for the trip there. I'm pretty sure that was the night we met Calvin too...
The trip out sucked, but at least I learned how to get there, so when I moved here to go to UCF I had somewhere to blow off steam. I met Calvin, Jen Banas, Lucille, Billy, Chrissy, Tara, Rob, James, and several other people I unfortunately don't have pictures of....but I still remember the trouble we got into...
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