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Just a little faded.

Every time I smell a fog machine it still brings a little back.

Anyone else got a Pavlovian thing still?
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Clove cigarettes. For some reason, I remember the smell being stronger there than any other club I've been to.
And I still can't stand the smell of well rum either.
Never mind the taste.
the kind of flavor that makes you want to shave your tongue?
And lasts for two more days anyway.
starts to fade just in time for another club night! :D
Vicious cycle I tell ya.
We always did the two fisted thing on dollar bottle beer night, remember? We always got four each and walked around like greedy little kids. Michalob light, baby!!!
And sometimes one in my pocket to boot.
Giggling might I add... :)
A fog machine definitely takes me back to Visage. They used to spray so much fog out on the dance floor and I remember not being able to see anyone at all for a few seconds.
Yup...I can remember wallking in and not seein a damn thing for like three minutes.
sometimes, that was a GOOD thing!
You got that right.
I always got a kick out of the little black rings around the nostrils on all of the white painted faces at the end of the night.
Just an added bonus of smog machines. hehe
White nostri...oh...never mind.


June 11 2005, 06:56:51 UTC 12 years ago

that and the wine based licker.....down a drink and go blind for a was just faboo. (ponybilly)
Oof...nasty stuff.


June 13 2005, 05:29:15 UTC 12 years ago

how about this....the opening to Nitzer ebbs "I give to you" that they always used in their radio you still not hear the beginning to that song and think of the commercial?
Since I try to never hear that, not so much.