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I only saw a few bands at Visage, mainly because it's really hard to spange that much money, just kidding, I'm pretty sure I spent most my money on alcohol and my persistant belief in chemical dependance. Preservatives BABY!! Anyway, I saw FEAR and one other band who I really liked, but can't think of the name now, ugh, see what happens when you use drugs, kiddies?! Oh yeah!!! SKATENIGS!!! Yes, I am awesome!!! Hold on... victory dance... ok, all better now.
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I was at that show!
It was a good show indeed, my friend Antuanette was there and she was 8 months pregnant and the nigs took her backstage and gave her a big poster they all signed! I met Lee Ving. I saw him standing off to the side in the back corner and thought I would leave him alone, but then someone else saw him and he ended up getting kinda mobbed, so once the mob died down I got him to sign my shirt and said hi. He wasn't too happy that I had a misfits shirt on, but oh well.:)
He wasn't too happy that I had a misfits shirt on, but oh well.:)

Always did know how to kick a guy in his...ego.

Re: lol


July 4 2005, 16:58:49 UTC 11 years ago

ME? You got the wrong gal, my friend... I was framed!! Yeah that's it...
That was me...forgot to log in...trying to keep my cover...
Yeah...sorta caught that.

I knew you would...that's cause' your so smart!!