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Hi all. Happy May Day/Beltane/Walpurgis to those who celebrate.


Reading the archives, I read that Pixie had had an aneurysm a few years ago.

Were there any permanent effects? Is he okay now?

He and I didn't speak terribly often (being a fairly anti-social socialite, that could be said in my dealings with a lot of people back then -- if I was at Visage, I was almost invariably there to dance until I couldn't walk straight and was fairly oblivious to people as anything other than objects to avoid plowing over/getting plowed over by), but it made my world a brighter, happier place to know he was in it. I hope he is well.

And that all y'all reading this are, too.

Be well,

-- Kt

(I often go by the lj handle these days, especially here)
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