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The Orlando Nightclub

Visage Nightclub
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Electric Avenue /Visage - Orlando, FL
5341 North O.B.T. - 407-298-2349
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1981-1993. Electric Avenue started out as a teen club in the early eighties which hosted national bands including Ministry (when they were still a dance band). "EA" had a progressive night on Friday featuriing DJ Paul Vaine and rap and hip hop on Satudays featuring DJ Magic Mike. In 1987 "EA" evolved into Visage and shortly thereafter, served alcohol on Wednesdays and Saturdays keeping Fridays for the kids. It was the premier progressive club in Orlando and hosted the best national acts from NIN, The Ramones, PIL, Love and Rockets, Midnite Oil, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jane's Addiction to name a few. Not bad for a 1250 capacity warehouse in the middle of a Lockhart neighborhood...

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Concert Listing:
??/??/88 - Book Of Love/Sugarcubes (Opening act-'Spotted Zebra' Fashion Show)(Duckie worked this show)
03/17/88 - Gene Loves Jezebel/Flesh For Lulu
09/02/88 - The Church/Peter Murphy/Tom Verlaine
11/20/88 - Ramones
12/22/88 - Danzig
04/09/89 - Killing Joke
04/25/89 - Violent Femmes
04/30/89 - Nizer Ebb
09/03/89 - The Godfathers with Braille Closet
10/08/89 - Front Line Assembly
10/29/89 - Meat Beat Manifesto
11/20/89 - P.I.L.
01/30/90 - Debbie Harry
02/15/90 - Jesus And Mary Chain/Nine Inch Nails
04/29/90 - The Ramones
07/06/90 - Meat Beat Manifest/Nine Inch Nails (Chad worked this show)
05/23/91 - Front 242
06/09/91 - The Ramones
12/01/91 - Die Warzua/Nine Inch Nails
03/21/93 - 808 State/Meat Beat Manifesto
09/24/93 - Radiohead
09/06/94 - Christian Death(w/ Rozz)/The Lesser Blessed

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