Vaughn (vaughnb) wrote in visagenightclub,

Recent events

Anyone remember Roger Ward?

In light of some recent events, I was curious if anyone knows his where abouts.
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July 29 2005, 03:54:05 UTC 12 years ago

Hi, Vaughn... I haven't seen him in probably close to 15 years if not a little longer. The mother of a girl he used to date (their whole family were my neighbors growing up) said she had heard that he was in jail for things "similar to certain events" and also at one time heard he had died. Neither are confirmed. I'm not sure who else would actually remember Roger. ~ Brendan
Ahh...thanks B.
Lat I knew he was in prison in Florida for rape charges. That was years ago though. I also know that his son Adam (mother is Nikki Taylor) is alive & well & living in Texas.
No idea they had a kid.

Does he look like him?
Last time I saw Adam he was about 5 or 6 and looked more like Nikki.
Short huh?
Sorry if this is depressing or disturbing for anyone.

Roger, who's actual last name is "Blackwell" (I could swear that I also remember him using the name "Dryer" as well as how we all knew him as "Ward"), is currently serving a life sentence in Florida's Cross City Correctional Institution for several charges including: Murder, Sexual Battery by an adult on a victim under 12 (3 Counts), and Kidnapping.

The date all this happened was: 12/15/1992

When I first heard,.. a few days after, I was completely shocked. My sister Alex was friends (posibly in a relationship with him, but I was too young to really pay attention) with Roger and he was later also a close friend of my family. I remember he lived somewhere off of HWY50 in a house which was pretty empty and desolate. It had white walls which were cracking all over. It sort of makes me think of the old empty flat in the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" video,.. anyways,.. I'm getting off track.

We hadn't seen him for 2 or 3 years before all this happened. He used to look after me when my mother would go out of town and my sister was out with her current boyfriend of the time (Skinhead, Ira Mazer, whom I'm sure a few of you old-schoolers will remember). Roger and I used to watch Dogs In Space and other old-school movies of the sort. My mother was his Tae Kwon Do instructor and he always seemed that he was a really sweet guy and he didn't come off as the type to end up doing all this,.. but what did I know, I was about 11 or 12. I thought he was a pretty nice guy though at the time.

From what I remember, I don't remember if this was his account after calling my mothers ex-boyfriend (his other Tae Kwon Do instructor) after being arrested or if I read this in a news paper article, however what I remember is that he raped a little girl and stuffed her in a garbage bag and stabbed her 16 times. Shortly after this he left the bag in the woods (or maybe it all happened in the woods) and the girl wasn't completely dead before he left. She crawled close enough to public where someone saw her and called for help. Apparently she lasted long enough to tell the police who did it,.. or maybe it was fingerprints on the bag. I don't remember the exact details. If she did say who it was then it means that she knew him personally,... which is pretty creepy (besides that it's pretty fucked up anyways).

Here's an inmate picture I found online:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (

Anyways,.. sorry for the depressing news, thought I'd clear that up for everyone.

-- J.K.

Sounds like the accounts I have gathered over the years.

Sad and pretty unsettling as he told me and a few of our other friends about his desire to do exactly this sort of thing.

By the way...I know/knew your sister Alex as well.
Tell her Vaughn said hello.
the motherfucker deserves the death penalty. This is way beyond "sad", it's inexcusably abhorrent
one more thing, no one had the common sense to let anyone in a position of authority (the mental health system, police, parent, teacher??) know that this vile piece of human toxic waste had fantasies about raping and killing children? Then you are partially culpable and complicit in evil.
What the fuck ever man.

When I was friends with that guy we were all of 16 or so and 16 year olds talk a lot of shit. How dare you try and put that shit on me. You have no idea and no fucking right.

Fuck you.

You have further thoughts on this matter I suggest you keep them to yourself or contact me personally.

And again...fuck you.