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New to the group!

Hey Guys... none of you probably remember me from back in the day ... I remember meeting a couple of you ... but I was a little snotty nose 14/15 year old brat from Dead-tona (Deltona) that started going to Visage around 1985/86. I can place almost each and every one of you guys!!(what a memory huh) and used to hang out at Denny's on occasion with a guy named Ceasar from Flagler County(Dated Kat the ID girl for a VERY short time). I was just wondering if any of you knew where Dave Seymour wandered off to? My boyfriend Steve (also a regular at Visage, although we didn't meet until 4 years ago at Cairo) and I were Just talking about him the other day LOL! Dave used to sit behind me in CHORUS class and tease me about looking like Molly Ringwald all period. I haven't seen him since Jr. High...

Anyone know?
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