Top Hat Dave (grim_shadows) wrote in visagenightclub,
Top Hat Dave

Jason Fronscek !!

For those of you who know Jeigh Fronscek(sp?)... He just got sentenced to FIVE years in prison!!

I'll post more info when it comes my way.

Top Hat Dave!!
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WHOAAA what happened???
He got picked up for a robbing a house.... But it would seem that they caught some other guy with all the stolen goods... AND there is some sort of video recording placing him someplace else 4 minutes earlier, but his lawyer forgot to bring this up in court.....
wow that totally sucks! poor Jay!
Oh dear... What'd he do NOW? ;)
It would seem that he fit the description for someone robbed a house in his neighborhood, and his lawyer was incompetent.


May 22 2010, 19:57:22 UTC 8 years ago

of course if someone robbed your house, you wouldn't want them to be held accountable, right? What dipshit losers infest Orlando, unbelievable.
Apparently he was caught on video SOMEWHERE ELSE at the time of the robbery.. but that video didn't make it into evidence..

What dipshit losers infest LiveJournal, unbelievable.... Flaming a 4 year old post anonymously.. get a life..